The Garnet Head

Yes!! Here she is IN MY HOUSE all the way from France. I saw her arrival photos when Soom was shipping them out-- and I was so sad that she wasn't super popular, because that meant my chances of getting her would be very slim. In fact I think it's possible that this girl's body is at this moment holding up a LLT Edria's head over at Ashbet's, and that body is not going anywhere--Ashbet spent hours chroming the body and detailing the channels. I did order a new cyborg body in the last body event--but in WS for my Sidonia head. LOL at first world problems.

It's going to work out fine in any case--the Garnet head looks great on the plain NS body and Soom will probably sell those again next fall, so it's just a matter of waiting. I tried her on the old Super Gem body and for some reason she looked a little small on that body, though she fit pretty well. In case you are wondering, yes, she is the Vesuvia head redone by Soom--just the inside of the head and neck is different, otherwise they look identical. Here she is with Selket:

And because she was a "surprise baby" she has no wig or clothes yet, which I think does not meet with her approval:

I'm so grateful to the French seller for being willing to pass her along!


  1. At least she's not suffering the indignity of a leopard print bandanna and lime green sneakers! LOL!
    I've found they look smaller but then with a wig on they look just fine. She's gorgeous with those long lashes and garnet eyes.


    1. If I had a leopard print bandanna she would be totally wearing it! and the lime green sneakers :D I'm hoping to make her some rockabilly things a la Hell Bunny.


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