Tuesday Tiling Tests

So here is our patient model, Michael4, sculpted into "Zane" by Gypsyangel on Renderosity. And the asteroid pattern tiles ok at 25%. All the ones I put on this shirt today I just slapped on as tiles, I didn't apply the design to the UV map, so the design doesn't display right on the pocket or the collar, or divide perfectly in the front. On the other hand this model ("Casual Shirt for M4 by Halcyon") is really great for not having odd stretchy places in it that distort the designs. I'm actually looking forward to texturing it properly at some point with some flamingoes. :D Here is the next design, the rockets, which are now going up instead of down:

And the UFO's now are placed in a much nicer scatter pattern than before:

This one is "atomic coffee"

This one just needs more work--I don't really like the wood texture on the pattern, but I haven't figured out what I really want yet:

(That is Mt. Sharp on Mars in the back, btw, courtesy of Curiosity).

This one is not really tiled, but I like how it came out--it's a doll photo run many times through Filter Forge.


  1. I want the Filter Forge shirt!

    1. I do too--I love that pattern! The original script was written by Vladmir Golovin; and everything I run on it looks fabulous!


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