A whole heap o road salt at Morton's in Chicago escaped today...


  1. "When it rains, it pours!" *head desk* OMG, that's not even in our news lists, what the heck happened? *goes to google*


    1. There is an overhead shot from a news chopper that shows the Morton Salt Girl painted on the Expressway side of the building-- and her salt container lines up PERFECTLY with the spill! At least no one was hurt and it doesn't smell, but I am sure the Acura dealer is lawyering up.

    2. It doesn't even say it on the package I have in my cupboard, which reminds me...I need to buy salt before the price shoots up pass gasoline rates. O_o

      I think perhaps the best target for lawyers would be the Mortons place. The Acura dealer would only have property insurance for any customer's cars left on their lot, or should have. O_o Unless the owners of the cars were completely insured for a total replacement, I think, that would be the best choice. Let's hope Mortons is worth their salt (bada-bing, bada-boom! 3,000 years to put that one to use!)


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