Inventory Part 2: The Guys (Mostly)

OK, not entirely the guys--a few of the girls needed to be reassembled and they weren't ready on "girl picture day". For this set of photos I was smart and set it up the night before, so that there would be enough daylight to get the pictures I wanted. This new little Coolpix pocket camera handles low light better than the old one, so I was pretty happy with the indoor photos this year. Eventually I should make myself a lightbox and buy a real light. Here Amber (an old Luts Nanuri 07 on a ancient Soom Gem body) points out that Rilly, resinsoul Mei, is not a guy.

Rilly looks annoyed at the obvious. ;) Also there is the Soom Dia, Abraxas, who is androgynous enough that owners often make her into a boy doll, so she sort of counts on either side:

(I still need to put in her upper lashes.) Finally there is Martine,(Impldoll Delia) who points out that like most of the girls, she has no shoes; though if I would switch her to her heel feet, she has some really cute ones that match this dress.

For some reason almost all the boys have shoes, probably because they are designed for flat feet. The female shoes I can find at a reasonable price are almost always heel shoes, and I like flats. The dolls tend to stand more securely in the flats.

Here are some individual portraits:

Ellis, a Delf Moon, painted by Buff.

A granado Gabe, painted by Sicktress

Granado Terra (Jack) holding a Christmas ornament that belongs to K that I stole (looks shifty).

Granado Fabio (Julian):

A Granado Mads, painted by Lachlana:

(Yes, Gideon the big white tattoed angel is in both sets, possibly because he would just see that everyone was assembling and have no idea why). Here's a Mads closeup:

Rain, IOS "G" and Bryan, Iplehouse Denzel--Rain got some tools from J for Christmas. :D

Then there is a Granado Guilem (Will):

Zinnober, Soom Sphaler in his cloak:

And Bird, looking sultry..he's a Soom Tremo:


It took longer to put everyone away than it did to take them out, but it gave me a chance to make a list of what was needed for tightening and repairs, and to organize their things a bit. I'd love to have a room just to display them, but that would require a bigger house!