Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diamonds of the Sea

It's no secret that I love mermaids, and that includes hunky mermen..and it turns out that you can BUY all kinds of Merman ornaments for your ocean-themed tree. Which someday I will have, but today is not the day. For one thing, these guys are not cheap..but they are the sort of thing that every year you will pull them out and cackle at how utterly fabulous they are. (I originally said they were glass, but it turns out they are "a light-weight composite", which makes them more attractive to me since I drop stuff. Here's another one:

And here is where you can see (and buy) the rest of them. Don't forget to look at the main pages as well, they have a ton of fun designs:

Diamonds of the Sea


  1. Oh. My. God. Who needs a tree? Got a chandelier and hang them all year round!


  2. I can't stop looking at them. I wonder if the level of detail is consistent?

    There are so many other places I could think of for these.


    1. They are totally fabulous. I'd go for a resin version myself, a DIY one like the big tokidoki unicornos that you can paint yourself. I have only seen one shot of them in a store (on tumblr) and they looked pretty good--they must have a good faceup artist!


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