Christmas 2014

First of all, the weather was amazing. That is liquid water in the pond!

J makes stollen for the neighbors--these still need the butter and powdered sugar "frosting" on top>

Christmas Eve dinner--the pie is a pecan pie/tart with molassas and rum. It's very good, though we will need to give some away. (that is a BIG tart).

Mom knitted me mittens from Ravelry and a scarf!

I got a Supernatural car shade from J, so Castiel and Dean can look out the windshield. The scale is pretty perfect.:D

And Cat gave me a magnificent cloak--with jewels and butterflies. Since it's one size fits all, it may get handed around-- but right now, Carissa (Soom SO Cuprit) is the proud wearer! Thank you, Cat!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!


  1. Carissa looks beautiful in it! I did not realize that she is a Cuprit. (I will be sure not to tell Winter that a Cuprit got the cloak. ;) )

    Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    1. Winter will just expect you to make her another one :D


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