Bad Cat, Good Cat

This is Stripey being a good cat.

This is Stripey being a bad cat, biting through the battery wires to my tiny LED lights on my mini tree. :p

And this is Stripey, being a good cat and leaving me a mouse (almost under the tree). J fixed the lights so everyone is happy.


  1. Stripey takes that whole "not even a mouse" thing to extremes, no?


    I've come to the conclusion that cats chew on wires because they just like to. Nothing I've ever put on them has stopped any of our cats. Now we just bury everything or wrap it in cardboard and masking tape. It could also be that they actually do sense the electricity of moving muscles, and wires sort of drive them nuts?


    1. These particular wires just felt chewable, like soft gummy things (I have to be really careful about rubber bands and elastic, too. My gray cat used to eat thread :p). Cats are nuts.


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