Things Discovered at Home Depot

This is just Bex (Iplehouse Rebecca) in daylight, waiting for her new wig and eyes..her "real" glow-in-the-dark eyes are being made by Shelly (ersa flora) and won't be here for several weeks. Meantime I can make her some clothes of her own and possibly some shoes. Here she looks like she is saying "So... much... hair".

Anyway, we went to Home Depot looking for a cheap clock to replace the one in the bathroom, and I always have fun at the hardware store. For one thing, the parking lot always has interesting stuff dropped in it--it gets cleaned a lot, so there is no gross food wrappers or cans and bottles laying about, but there is often bits of lost hardware and other things waiting to be discovered. Right out of the car there was an Altoids tin:

A broken door:

A golf ball:

And inside, a ton of sparrows! This is the one that held still long enough to get a photo taken:

Later, when we went to the mall for sushi, we went for the obligatory walk-through Marshall's Home Store, and found this guy abandoned in Lighting:

I briefly considered buying him in order to roll him for his jacket and boots, but decided neither the boots nor the jacket were worth it. I was glad to see the buyers at Marshalls are as nutty as ever. :D We did find a wall clock there, but it was three feet across.