The Cheaperina

I'm not really a drinker, but I do like rum, so if we go out somewhere that has bar drinks I will usually get a rum and coke, because even the most addled bartender can usually produce a decent rum and coke. Then J had a few trips to Brasil, and thought I'd like the Brasilian national drink, the caipirinha--so the next time we went to the Brasilian steakhouse he had me order one, and it's very good--there is enough lime to counteract the staggering amount of sugar in there. It's also made from cachaça rather than rum. I can just have one, though--they make it strong at the restaurant.

(Picture source: wikipedia) I thought I would try and see if I could make something approximate from stuff I had here around the house, saving me some money; and you can come close using regular rum,ice, limes and Sprite; I do have a box of turbinado sugar that would approximate the sugar in the original recipe instead of using the Sprite.

Also for some reason I always had trouble remembering the exact name since we go get Brasilian food only once every six months, so I think I asked for a Capybara at one point, and they smilingly brought me the correct beverage, though I am sure there was hilarity in the bar over it. An actual docile capybara would be pretty fun to hold and feed salad to during dinner.

(Source, Reddit).