Soom Xmas Kit, Iplehouse Doll Choice special

Yes, it's a Dia, either male or female--your choice, on the old bodies. It will come in pieces and be prepared for slightly sketchy packing and possibly a missing hook or two--lay out all the parts as you open the box. It sounds like it will have at least an inner plastic bag this year! I missed posting yesterday because I finished the retro rocket tiles but it ran late so I just went to bed instead of posting.

In other doll news, Iplehouse is having a neat sale for December--if there are limited heads that you want from the Special Forces or Addiction sets, go log into Iplehouse and look at the Doll Choice page under the size and gender of your choice. You will still pay extra for colored resins like tan, peach, ebony and gray, and the usual extra for the mobility thigh, but the base price for the doll is the same as if it was still listed as a standard, plus there is a 10% discount. The discount is supposedly in coupon form but it seems to apply automatically at checkout--do a dry run into your cart and see if the price looks right. I did a practice run and peeked at what the options were for fantasy parts and outfits and there wasn't much--just a couple of smaller fullsets, no crazy wings or hands this time that I could see. But you can get Vincent, Doria, Rebecca, Aaliyah and the smaller guys (which I carefully never look at) that aren't normally available. The new monthly smaller JID girl Cordelia is cute, too!