Monday, December 1, 2014

Blast Off!

These are some 3d textures for a friend of mine, just for fun, sort of 50's inspired goofy SF. The last one is actually a mistake, it tiled "once" instead of many times all over the shirt model. I'm actually hoping the recipient will take the psd files and rearrange them so they tile in a more interesting way--I'm not a good tiler! Also the rockets would look cuter going up.


  1. You do realize that the vintage stitchers of the world would fall on these like ravenous wolves on a leg of mutton if they were in Spoonflower, right?
    The small 'space' related prints for the 50s shirts are seriously lacking for retro guys. They are reduced to pin up girls and international shame.


    1. LOL! That poor ESA guy and his hawaiian shirt--his GF made it for him and he wore it proudly never knowing it would be a thing. I don't do Spoonflower because I would just roll any money back into it and then be crushed by falling fabric when I was 80 because there were only walkways left among the fabric in the house.


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