Butter Pecan Walleye

Culver's fish combos are always the best :)

J thought that you could actually make a good butter pecan walleye dinner, but the s'mores were pretty hopeless...they were like the Catfish Beignets of our New Orleans trip. Back in 1996 or so J went on a business trip to NOLA, and I went too. I spent 8am -5pm wandering around window shopping, eating and talking to people, and went to a cafe in Jackson Square famous for it's Beignets, which is sort of a giant puff pastry donut. They come with powdered sugar and a choice of stuffings. A plaque on the wall said CATFISH-BEIGNETS. I asked the waitress if that really was an option, and she said they would make it if I wanted it. :D


  1. Hmmmmmm.....
    Tempting, but nope. I'll stick to strawberry jam.

    I'm still trying to figure out the whole fried chicken and waffles things.

    Then there's the space time continuum thing of waffles vrs pancakes:
    http://tiny.cc/j7nbcx at lackadaisy cats. Don't be drinking anything unless you need to have your sinuses cleaned.

    1. ooo jam on walleye! Must go see the link now :D

    2. Wow, that is such a beautiful (and silly) comic! Gorgeous artwork!


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