Kleidung um 1800

If you look on the sidebar, you will see a link for Kleidung um 1800, which is a costume blog, but much more--it looks like it is all in German, but if you read down everything is translated into English. Today has recipes for breakfast drinks, including a wine punch; with an utterly charming photo set of the blogger, (who may be named Sabine), in period costume, sampling the beverages. Note cat kibble on floor, something that decorates a lot of my less period photos as well. The cat herself is on the blog--a very sweet looking old cat.


  1. One of my favorite blogs!
    Surely you know the rule by now. Every truly good sewing blog must contain a cat. The cat is obligatory.

    1. Apparently so--and the cats are always pretty cute, if not always helpful. Mine likes to taste trim.


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