Discontinued Granado Sculpts as of March 31st

OK, so my head-hoarding doesn't seem so ridiculous now... Granado now follows IOS's "bad example" (as NikiB on the bjdnews.diary.ru blog puts it) of deleting older molds. Here's the news:

Dear all,

Thank you for your support to Granado.

Our 3rd anniversary is coming. Before that day, we decided the followings will no longer be available.

Which are including:

1) Sidonia - The next door beauty

2) Guilem as Sebastian, Twelfth Night

3) Gitana as Viola, Twelfth Night

4) Fayette as Titania, A Midsummer Night's Dream

5) Chaka as Othello, Othello

6) Davon as Romeo, Romeo and Juliet

7) Void.f - Dearly Beloved

The above mentioned dolls will no longer be available after 31st, March, 2014.

Also, we will stop producing the dolls once we reached the quota.

Thank you for your attention.



My Epidia says "HA! Now I get to KEEP that bronze body!" (I was thinking of getting a bronze Sidonia head for it but that was several months away). More bothersome is Chaka, who I was sort of saving for as the Ship's Master. :P


  1. ARGH!

    I love Sidonia's open smile, too. Now watch them wait six months and re-release in some whack color like marbled mauve-blue or something. O_o

    1. I'd buy that color and then spend the next two years trying to find a body for it ;)


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