Irish Potatoes

For St. Patrick's Day, my mom and dad sent us a mysterious box from See's labelled Potato Set. I opened it up to discovered that indeed, it had six neat little boxes of Irish Potatoes. These candies are really popular in New Jersey, though the ones that I have seen before were a lot smaller. K shared one with me, grudgingly, when she was in high school, and it had coconut in it. Since they are not made up of chocolate I haven't paid much attention to them. But these were very cute, and I was curious to see what was inside. So I sliced one open:

It's full of..calories! Actually walnuts and a sort of butter/whipped sugar nugat. I can see we will need help eating six of these, but it was nice to have something fun for the holiday that wasn't green beer. We will be having green pesto sausage, potatoes and cabbage for dinner tonight, though...and probably split one of the Potatoes for dessert!