More Carissa Feet (on Carissa)

Here are the Free Choice Beryl hooves, finished for the moment, though they could use a little more gold leaf on the inside, and a spray coat (not happening until it warms up). I also did the nails, though again I would have liked to do some pastel highlights on her hands and some body blushing. (It was fifteen degrees when I got up this morning, by the way). If you have seen a plush spider hanging around the living room, this is what I use it for:

Those flocked legs are perfect for holding small items while they dry! I admit this particular combo looks sort of creepy. I also noticed today that there are several fang marks on the spider's butt that I never noticed before. I suspect Stripey and the spider have been amusing themselves when I am in bed.

Anyway, I got Carissa's head on her new body and took her outside for photos...or a couple of photos.

Neither of us was really dressed for the temperature.

The artist who painted her (Charie Wilson) sanded down her upper lip a little,

... which I wish hadn't happened (Carissa used to belong to Martha Boers), though the faceup is lovely anyway, and more professional than mine.

Yes, still snow to stand in...had I known I would have thought about making her a winter outfit. :p.

And finally sitting primly with Mr. Roboto, who is always up for a picture.