Claudia and Claudia

(I still have photos I need to organize from Mitsuwa yesterday, I might get them up later tonight). I have spent most of today just cleaning and organizing--I have reached the point that either I need to figure out better storage, compress what I have, or sell a doll or two. It seemed easier to just go through what I have and mash it down more, which included assembling bodies and putting heads on them. I now have just enough room on the shelf to squeeze in an Iplehouse SID Stella, who will come once Iplehouse has caught up with the Christmas backlog (I will have a protracted Christmas since she was ordered in mid December). Then I will have to resort to making Poser dolls instead. For my own amusement I made a Poser approximation of Claudia (which will be Stella's name here) the Doll, trying to see how close I could get without looking at the Iplehouse photo of Stella. She ended up not being all that close, but it was fun to do. Poser Claudia has way more clothes than Doll Claudia. Doll Claudia has a nice yukata top and a necklace, and some black stretchy pants, and that is it.