Mitsuwa in March

I admit I spent so much time goggling at The Magnificent Dress (Akutenshi brought it a gift bag and we put it on Artemisia on the spot) that I took only a few photos. But the first above here here is (I think) Francesca's Joliee, a Luts Winter 2012 head on a Souldoll body. She's soooo cute--msd sized with a super sweet face.

I did get another pic of Akutenshi's Raver Dryad, looking very flirty..Mitsuwa's greenish light becomes her.

There was also Akutenshi's brand new Thera, who is one of Soom's Elves, and looks a little like a mini-Cuprit with small horns and hooves. This one looks shy :)

Then I had a lot of fun looking at Katie's Souldoll Nia and Angell Studio Terezi

"Who are you looking at?" (You, cute guy);)

These photos do not do this girl justice at all--the sculpt is much more delicate than it looks in my photos, with a lot of subtle detail. And she is so beautifully painted--the light here washed her out in my photos. I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. If you look on Mint on Card's site you can see her fullset, though again the photos are tiny and don't show how beautiful she really is.

And finally there was Angelic Life's (?) Soom Shale, who I think I looked at during a previous meet, but I hadn't realized that his hair was made by his owner by combing out yarn to get it back to the weft stage--something that takes both a lot of patience and the right yarn. Then she made his wig, carefully overlapping the wefts. The wig looks amazing!

I also had a photo of Akutenshi's new Little Fee repair cutie... but it came out so blurry, I will just have to get another one the next time I see her!