Sewing Box Yukata

This yukata is so much fun-- I love how it came out. I am sure it was a pain in the butt to sew, but the texture and the drape are so perfect for Teodor, my resident (dead) necromancer. Since he is a dead guy, I can wrap his yukata any way I want, too. ;) Rajendora added a tie of a complementary stretchy stuff that grips and hold the fabric awesomely well. I had her make three--the blue paisley is for someone who isn't here yet, as Iplehouse is backed up for faceups, but the "digital" fabric from Spoonflower is really cute, and softened up nicely from being washed and pressed. Here Ami just wishes I would finish her wig. Eventually there will be beaded accents on her yukata:

Here you can see some of the interior detailing--the seams are all finished inside and the collar has a nice little stiffening piece to make it hold it's shape when worn.

Rajendora does beautiful work. I need to get some of my own patterns usable for someone else so that I can have her sew some Super Gem girl things!


  1. I'm so glad they arrived safe! I've been paranoid ever since last week when they announced on the news a whole USPS shipping truck had gone boom from some fire on the way to our near by airport.

    1. Oh that is terrible..imagine all your paid bills going up in smoke, as well as your medications, your books, your candy, your tax infos..such a mess! But yes, it made it! And thank you so much! I will cook up so more for you in a month or so! <3


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