Rami Kadi, Designer

FunnyLori has a page of Rami Kadi designs on her tumblr; and this was my favorite dress. I went and googled the designer and found more amazing dresses here. Check out the "Jardins Suspendus"..if you are sick of winter, it's like looking at a garden turned into fancy dresses. If I was a fairy I would have Rami Kadi on speed dial to make my petal gowns. :D


  1. There is a lot of original Dior inspiration going on there in some of the more fabulous petal/flower type designs. Just awesome.

    1. Aren't they glorious? I have a couple of Soom Princesses who would rock teeny variants of those dresses. I wonder how heavy that rose dress above is in the human version? It's a lot of fabric, even in silk!


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