William's Coat

William, my Granado Guilem, has been sitting around with no pants for months. Actually, he still has no pants, but he does have the beginnings of a coat. Here is the original pattern (From Denis Diderot's Encyclopedia):

And after some fooling around, we have this pattern (still missing cuffs):

Setting in sleeves is no fun for human clothes, and it's even less fun for doll clothes, especially with no guidelines. I think this sleeve seam would have set a bit better 1/8 of an inch lower, but that will be on the next coat.

Like many things, I don't let my lack of clue keep me from trying stuff.

Anyway, today I will cut and sew cuffs and a lining...maybe pants later.

(Yes, I did the collar in the wrong order of assembly,and backwards, but it was late.)


  1. Looks like you're getting there! ^_^ I'll keep my big mouth shut and let you do it your self, then, Miss Thing ~_^


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