New Granado Bronze (Female Nuevo Body)

That is the Small Bust Body, and the new Bronze! It's a gorgeous color, but not exactly Iplehouse light tan, though it is close.

The problem is the neck hole size on the Iplehouse head--those things are huge and I had completely forgotten that. The New Iplehouse Youth Head (like a Bianca or a Rexy) (NYID) might work, I haven't looked yet, though I will. The truth is it's just a beautiful color for it's own sake. I have my Epidia head on this body at the moment and the shape and fit is perfect, even if the color is different (I have the dark brown Epidia).

The Soom Tremo there is Soom's Tan (not Bronze, the Bronze at soom is more reddish than either the Tan or the Granado Bronze). Haha, so many colors! I'm sure my Epidia just wants me to paint some leopard spots on her neck and shoulders and call it good.:D

William says "That is my hat."


  1. Hi, excuse me for asking but I'm searching info about Iplehouse hybrids since a long time ago :( ... I have an Iplehouse Soo head (21 cm of head circumference) and I want to hybrid her with a female Granado nuevo body. In your opinion do you think it can work or not?

    Sorry for asking to you u_u... I would really appreciate if you help me <3

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I wouldn't put her on the Granado body, I would put her on the Impldoll Idol body, which is made to take those big heads. I don't have a Soo but I can put a Luna on one of those bodies so you can see the fit (it's about perfect). The downside is that Impldoll is very backed up on orders so you would get the body in February if you order now--the upside is it is 330.00 USD :D
      Also for another 50 they can do color matching but you have to mail them a sample. But they already have NS that matches Iplehouse NS.

    2. Really? Wow! I'll be happy if you can show me how Luna looks on the Granado nuevo body! (my username is "Hisomu" in DoA if is easier to send the photo using the forum, my email is ^_^).

      My Soo is white skin and I was thinking about make a tomboy girl with her u_u so... Granado body would be perfect for her since it has small breast option and is less curvy than Iplehouse or Impldoll body.

      Omg, I don't know which body pick... Fairyland 65 has big breasts too! And the hybrids I saw are perfect too.

      Thanks for taking your time answering my question! I really appreciate it! <3

    3. Here's the post--I can add a photo of Luna on the Small Breast Body later today, and put a spacer on the neck and see if that helps make her fit better.
      I can see why you would want the Granado if you want a flat chest-- keep an eye on the Marketplace too; and you might be able to do an Iplehouse Doll Choice split with someone to get an Iple Small Bust body (Iplehouse ships fast these days). :D

    4. Omg! Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't check this on my phone and just today I could sit and see everything on my notebook.
      You're so kind <3 ! I really appreciate this! :D


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