Soom Gneiss' Default Outfit

When I ordered Gneiss, I didn't get her outfit; which in hindsight was a mistake--I should just get the fullsets to begin with, which would save me hunting around later for missing pieces (I still don't have her cloak or staff). I was able to get her dress, necklace and shoes only because RavenLunaloo was willing to share, and she did it as a favor, so I was lucky!

Here is the necklace:

Here are the shoes:

The straps have little hearts at the ankle:

So cute, obviously handmade and a lot of labor, too. And they do not fit on the older Super Gems, which is good or SophieCushion the Beryl would have stolen them. The dress is instead a top and a skirt, which I had not realized from looking at the promo photos. Here's the top--it's made of some kind of polyester crepe that must have been a bear to work with; and the design is neat--that bodice piece turns into sleeves, and then a decorative scarf down the back:

Here is the skirt--it's a half-circle of the crepe, with an overskirt of dyed chiffon, and then the chiffon cut into ribbons for the front.

Then the default dress was all wrapped in tissue and put in a bag, and Noodles got back into the outfit that is her default here, a little soft floral dress by Idemo.

I wish Idemo sewed people-sized clothes. :D


  1. Their little shoes always amaze me. I spend more on my guy's boots than I ever did for my own, but damn it, they are so CUTE!


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