Pond Ice

Yes, that is my pond under the snow. When it warms up, I will be draining it, pulling it up, repairing whatever is under it (probably some chipmunks and some snakes will be annoyed with me), put down a flexible liner, reline it with rocks, and refill it with small fish and water lilies. Assuming it warms up. J says it's only 7 months until winter, so it had better hurry up. But here is the pond a few days ago:

You can see the fountain "spitting fish" now, and the plastic flowers. I would see those plastic morning glories occasionally and think, "What is coming up?" before I remembered that they are evergreens ;). Here is the pond on March 22nd:

And now here is the pond today:

So there is progress! We have some interesting weeds, including this prairie native:

They are cute! I'd like to get more native stuff in here that is cute, and not thistles. :D It's easy to forget that all the ponds looked bad three weeks ago: