Signorina Set and SID Cherie/NYID Bianca

My Iplehouse Cherie (imaginatively named Cherie) finally has her own body, courtesy of Jo1961 and her small-bust Ashanti, who is now a Ashanti/Dollshe combo (it looks great). This means that Cherie now needs clothes that fit her, so I broke down and ordered her the Signorina Set from Iplehouse, figuring if it didn't fit her, my NYID Bianca could wear it, since Bianca is one size smaller. It's also very cute. So it came yesterday; and this morning I unpacked it and tried it on Cherie. It's more of a dusty pink than a pink pink, which I liked. The corset top is tight--there is no need to have doll corsets tight, because they aren't going to get any thinner no matter how you squeeze them, and it's unnecessary strain on the grommets and fasteners. Also this corset doesn't have a cheat of velcro or a zipper--you have to lace it, which means that as an owner you need to be under 40 or have good glasses and steady fingers.

However, the panties fit perfectly, and I was able to get enough of the corset laced to look cute from the front:

it also has a couple of other pretty little bits of fluff that go with it--the arm frills are supposed to go on the wrists, though I like them on the upper arms (they are completely adjustable) and the hose have nicely finished tops so you don't need the thigh fluff to have them look good. There is also a silk flower choker that I didn't unwrap, since I had errands to run. Here is more of it on Cherie:

Fit problems aside, it's very nicely made! Later in the day I tried it on my NYID Bianca, who is smaller--and it fits perfectly:

So it looks like the Signorina set is really an NYID set.