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A new post on Ilsonya's blog, and some Impldoll news there too; here is Ilsonya:



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wo (we?) have new owners.

in the next day or two, it will move to a new address on the subscribers it will not affect.

this address will be my personal diary.

We were a community of four years and are very grateful to everyone who was there, reading, laughing, sharing the fun of the game, all of whom we drags interesting pictures, original authors and interesting trends, good friends, loving this fun activity - to build and endow certain life dolls.

with you was great and fun!

but now we, the remaining owners coo, not fun. and in the current dire situation does not work, as if nothing had happened, and continue to indulge in jokes.

so we pass the community benefit, there were people ready to accept it. and we hope that the new Newsom only flourish in new hands and will continue to regularly provide fresh subscribers bjd-news straight to tape, and subscribers will meet the community the same love as before

sorry if someone offended

with respect, LL Sonya


The new address for BJD News RU I don't know exactly yet, but I will post it when I find it...the Russian bjd news with Ilsonya was so excellent, not only for the fun group of people, but they went to online places I never visit (like Taobao :o, the Wild West of online markets) and Ilsonya loves tinies and some American lines of bjd dolls I honestly never think of looking at. Plus Ilsonya knew of all the dolls being created locally, like Akh and Olga Bekreeva's inspired little cats and dogs, which I never would have seen otherwise.

I understand perfectly why Ilsonya feels that it is time to "put down the dolls"; my own perspective is that while very unpleasant things go on in the world, these events are the exception and not what endures. Armies come and go, but the human impulse to play and to create is what remains constant in human life.

Roman doll, ivory, early 2nd century CE


  1. I really liked her blog too and checked everyday to find news that it seems no one else reports on in the english community. I found so many new/awesome dolls/artists thanks to her diligence. Hope we can find the new russian bjd news link soon and the new proprietors as as informed.
    I actually found your blog while searching for news about this, was glad to see I'm not alone :)

    1. I really miss her..it was like I had my coffee with her every morning! I couldn't always translate the comments-- but sometimes they made me laugh out loud, especially if there were little drawings or photos.

    2. Ah me too, I'm not sure if there's a lot lost in google translation (probably), but her posts seemed to have quite the character and were fun to read anyway. I saw you found the new bjdnews site (I should have thought to check that address too!), thank you so much for reporting about it!! I will keep an eye on the new blog too regardless, it's interesting to see another side of the hobby's opinions, their different likes and dislikes to what I'm accustomed, and of course so many new bjds all in one place with no discrimination.
      I really appreciate it!

    3. You are so very welcome! :)


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