The Magnificent Dress

This dress was made by Akutenshi7 and it was a total surprise!! ZOMG Akuteshi has been working on it for ages as a gift and I never suspected a thing (and I am quite sure it is more than I deserve, but WOW!) It even has panniers underneath to puff the skirt out properly! Artemisia, who has been flopping around in Coppersmith's yukata (he's grabbed it back, even though I think it's too girly for him) and various other loaner garments, now has Her Own Dress. Her own splendid dress! Did I mention that Akutenshi beaded it all by hand? She did. Artemisia now wants a matching necklace, bracelets, a reticule and possibly a small dog as accessories. What she will get is a necklace and a painted backdrop for future photos. :D