What an Iplehouse Mermaid Might Look Like

I also wasted some time painting over a Luna promo pic, giving that silly babydoll outfit the jellyfish treatment, and poor Luna some fun and creepy hands and feet. I'm not a big fan of resin tails but I do love me some fancy hands and decorated feets.


  1. N-iplehouse and their baby dolls. >.<;; I swear they barely resist putting them on their guys, too.

    Whats the smallest bubble of bubble wrap you can get, that would be a great baby doll for a mermaid! Or is it too Barberella?

    1. You can never have too much Barbarella! Bubble wrap looks neat with a little colored cello wrap from the party store mixed in, too. I think for mermaid clothes/parts I might try doing some painting on old purse leather. It's fun to work with and I think I might be able to make sort of gauntlets for Cherie that look scaled, and maybe papermache fins. I have too many projects atm ;)


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