Shipping notice! And Ottoman Steampunk

Yes, Addiction Stella, in Light Brown...

... is sitting at the airport in Seoul, waiting to board; meanwhile I am here trying to get her some things sewed up. My fit model, Cherie, says "These aren't for me?"

But the next set of that caftan (qaftān) looking thing will be better, because I have figured out how to measure the collar (I filled in this one because it will stay up without a coin bra/supplemental top under it, and it just looks more "wearable" to me this way than the more open-necked version). I'll also finish that inner sleeve seam on the next one. I still need to make the jacket and the skirt wrap, a necklace and a headdress. Here's a pic of where I am headed, more or less:

Haha, maybe not quite so large for the headdress. That last photo was lifted from this fabulous blog called "Dragonfly Designs by Alisa". The link puts you down at the Ottoman Steampunk page where she made an outfit using ..beetle wings.

The beetle wings are quite beautiful, and you can buy them on Ebay "about 5 dollars for 100". Who knew? Also, "Ottoman Steampunk"...HOW COOL IS THAT?

Oh, here is the front of the Bug Bodice!

The photo is by Tyson Vick, another photographer and costumer.


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    1. The only drawback to the beetle wings is that you can soften them up with hot water (to put the holes in them for stitching) which means you need to hand wash in cold water your finished garment. I don't think I would offer it to a dry cleaner, either! :D


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