The Corned Beef Roast

Last week J went off to inspect a plant, and I had to go buy groceries. Instead of going to Target, I went to a local independent grocery and bought a few things there, including a piece of beef. I picked it because it was inexpensive and had cute herbs and peppercorns adhering to it, which I vaguely associate with roasts, so this evening I hauled it out of the fridge and put it in the oven to cook for an hour and a half at 325. Pretty much everything I put in the oven I cook at 325, unless it is Sculpey. So I take it out, let it rest, and then start to slice it up. It seems to me that the knife is dull, so I switch to another one. I finally manage to whittle off some slices, and then discover that humans cannot chew corned beef unless it has been boiled on low in a kettle for at least three hours, according to the cookbook that J hauled out. Maybe hyenas could chew it, but not humans. Apparently this is because these are the parts of the cow that it stands on, aka the legs; and unlike the rest of the cow, gets some exercise. Now I know.


  1. I remember that stuff boiling for hours, with another pot of cabbage, almost every sunday in certain times of year, back east. The BBC food page doesn't even have the recipe, they just say this can, that can. Canned corn beef seems to be the accepted way to have the stuff. What about taking a table saw to it and calling it Irish Jerky?

    1. Probably the canned beef has already been pre-cooked..I think it's a New England cold weather thing--if you are running the stove for heat you might as well boil a cow leg on there too. I am going to poke at it again today and see if I can soften it up..I have blackeyed peas to go with it!


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