Cat's Dress Completed!

And there it is, pants, skirt, top and necklace! All of the pieces have their weirdnesses, partly because I was trying to make it something easy to get on and something that will mix and match with Cat's own pieces, which have a lot of tulle, sparkle and pink incorporated in them. Also Selket is painted more like the "Scorpion-Girl-Next-Door" rather than Violet's exotic lavender skin and fairy-like faceup, so I think Vi will look a lot more at home in these fantasy pieces than Selket does. Although the top is really cute on Selket, and I think I will make more using that pattern. It's a flat piece shaped like a fat, very open "V", gathered at the top and the bottom into a bias-cut band, and then with just a ribbon tie at the bottom and two strap-and-snap "sleeves" attached to the upper corners.

It's super easy to get on. The pants were a different story. I should have just put some elastic around the bottom cuffs, but they open up wide now so you can slide stockings up there, and they have little velcro dot cuff fasteners that might eventually fall off. The waistband is a hot mess and I ended up putting a big "butt bow" for modesty with a snap on it under the tail. I need to work on that pants pattern some more.

The necklace was fun but at the last minute I couldn't decide if I wanted to put hooks on, leave it tied with a ribbon, or do a button, or beads...I ended up doing just the lacing. I think the next one will have a single large button closure in the back--pretty easy to close and nothing to scratch the doll's neck.

Here's more of the back:

I think little pink ballet slippers would be adorable with this outfit... but I ran out of time! Also, that tulle. Nylon tulle is nasty-- so from now on it's chiffon, or something like thin cotton that I will be using instead. Tulle may look cute but it feels like plastic. In any case, the set is done, packed and sent off to Cat, who will make it look way more awesome at her place!

Now to start something easier for Akutenshi (no tails, for one thing :) ).


  1. I LOVE the big butt bow! LOL! That's adorable! We called it that in theater, too! It was labeled on the pattern envelope "Big Butt Bow". The whole outfit is so cute!


    1. There really is no other name for that feature! And it makes me laugh stuck on/under the scorpion tail..she should probably have another bow up by the stinger. :D


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