Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sicktress' Skirt (Mirodoll Muscle Body)

To go with the corset I made last week, I made Sicktress a skirt--actually it's a tulle underskirt with an elastic waistband and then a nutty feather overskirt. It's still a little WIP in the back--it need some beads and the velcro applied to the back band, and a modesty panel so the waistband can fit other dolls and still not gap. Here is the side:

And the back--you can see by the sagging waistband it's just pinned:

Now complete:

(I opted for lace instead of beads around that second seam)
Front View:

Next she gets stockings, shoes and then maybe a choker-style necklace to finish it off. Or maybe a little hat :D The corset that Coral is wearing is by Cat and it has the coolest loops on the back to lace it up--they are two sets of pearl beads on wire, bent into a loop. It actually fits very well but I just laced it enough to hold it up. Chalyss gave me the black gauze that is the main part of the skirt--it's really nice to work with. That Mirodoll Muscle body is really pleasant to work with too--I just love the hands and feet, and it poses without fussing! Just Coral here:


  1. She is quite lovely - what body is that fish?

    1. I'm glad you asked because I remembered to go put the link back up in the text there! (Last paragraph). The site photo makes it look sad, but the 150.00 it's such a nice body--Miro doll doesn't finish the dolls up like Iplehouse, but I don't mind that since I do a lot of work on the dolls myself. And they come in good colors.

  2. the skirt/outfit is really, really cute! very couture too. can't wait to see your next creation! ^^

    1. Thank you!! I am having so much fun sewing, especially since Sicktress is very non-judgemental :D


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