Two Adorable Dolls

If you have the really tall 70cm Mirodoll girl body (the one that looks like a Dollstown Girl), go visit Iris here. Even if you don't have that particular body, just a very tall Idealian girl or a Impldoll Idol, you should check it out--it's just so cute. It plays as a slideshow, or you can click down the sidebar, but the slideshow is the most fun.

Also for your daily squee, another tiny from Harucasting. I am not sure how you buy her, but I guess you can ask at Harucasting's Flickr in the comments. This is Geuru:

Is that not STINKIN' CUTE?? hehe!

Now you see why I have a "no tinies" rule. The house would be full of them! Less cute, but interesting, is the Cooper's Hawk that sat above the bird feeder yesterday. All the sparrows left in a hurry:

He had really vivid reddish eyes!


  1. I love hawks - think he is quite cute and you got a great shot of him. (or maybe her??)

    1. It's the only one that wasn't blurry out of 5--it kept moving it's head! I think they are lovely birds but they do spook my chickadees (and my cat!)


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