Phoenix Dolls

I think they are a UK-based company; the artist Lucille Faulkner) so far just does heads that are intended to fit on Dollshe bodies, though I imagine they would fit a lot of other bodies as well, though perhaps with a little gap in back. That is Mei up there, she is cute! I like her android sister even more:

There is also Elle. There are two colors, the NS/ Freshskin that you see here and basically a Realskin:

It looks like the process is to do a digital sculpt, a 3d print and then all the patient sanding and gessoing to smooth the surface for a mold master. While they don't offer face ups (heads come blank) you can see "Elle" here painted up by Pearls of Danube :

So nice! I hope they do well and make a lot more heads!