Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Critters from Whispering Grass

Look how cute they are :D I have Whispering Grass' Mr. Ropuha and he is a delightful, well-balanced little fellow. These two dolls (they are unisex, so you may dress them as you please) are Khitrula the Fox and Smuzhka the Raccoon. Both are being shipped out and managed by Jpopdolls, based in the US Northwest.
Here is Khitrula's little blurb:

Please welcome artist Iryna of Whispering Grass' first Khitrula offering in red resin!!
Before moving to The Forest, Khitrula Foxes used to live in a big city. They brought a latest fashion trends with them - looking at Mr. Khitrula's bowler hat or at Mrs. Khitrula's "walking" dress with a train you immediately know that it's a person who watches closely the fashion tendencies.
And they brought that fashion vibe with them. Mr. Khitrula is a hairdresser, and Mrs. Khitrula makes all sorts of cosmetic lotions, potions, perfumes and creams. Their travel case is full of scissors, brushes, haircombs, various vials, jars, pots and other beauty stuff.

Preorder runs through October 20th

Fox is about 20cm tall and takes 10mm eyes. He can wear  some Yo SD size clothing and most YoSD size shoes.
Khitrula is in red resin and comes nude with faceup and body painting as shown, and with random eyes, NO WIG.
I have no idea how the tails are held on, but both the fox and the raccoon are squeeably cute. Iryna offers patterns for free on her deviant art page, too:
Pattern page (lots of various bjd patterns)
Raccoon Body Measurements (in Millimeters)
With these little guys, you need to be patient. They are cast in Korea, then Iryna paints them in Kiev, then they are shipped to Oregon, and then on to you. Most likely four to six months. Jpop keeps a page up of the order progress for you to log into and see, though, and it helps.

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