The Dark Lord Enoch

It's Granado's Angel Enoch, but with cute vampire ears and teeth. He is very, very tempting (you can get him in PURPLE), on the Evol or Embody, and with jointed hands. It's actually cheaper to get him as a fullset now and put him on layaway than to buy the head now and the body later, though they are selling the head as a standalone. His outfit is available and is 150.00. More photos:

I am just going to have to remember next year that the doll companies take Halloween seriously and put money aside, because if I was sitting on a pile of money I would have bought a doll from each of my favorite companies at this point: Iplehouse Witch Grace/or Elf Grace, Junia Spider Queen, Mr Fangy Enoch here, and the Witch that Soom sprung on us in August. I just love creepy dolls.