New Senior Iplehouse Doll (the Model) reviewed by Sianserais (link)

You need to be a Den of Angels member, but if you are, you can see a truly excellent posing review of the new Iplehouse SID model body here by Sianserais. She not only demonstrated different poses, but tells the small details necessary to get those poses--what to turn, what works, and what doesn't.

As you can see from the above photo, the new body is much lighter and more flexible than the old one! Also a bit slimmer, so some heads will look larger than they used to on the new body.


  1. Have you found a photo of the Iplehouse thinner female body? I might order a doll if I could see what the new body looked like.

    1. Let me look around and see if I can find you a body review--I will send you a link on DoA!


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