Two DollZone Mermaids

DollZone's Halloween Event is..mermaids. I love mermaids in general, and I think these are brilliant, but they are not for me--because they are ...perfect. There is nothing left to be done! You buy them a tank and a few rocks and a cheesy castle and a reef background; and there you go. OK maybe a tiny skeleton from the Halloween store. But you can't really improve on what DollZone did here. And for me, there are no feet. I guess when it comes to dolls what I really like are Sea Nymphs, which have feet.

Anyway, this beauty is named for the tarot card The Empress, and you can get her direct from Denver Doll, or from Alice's if you are a Pacific Rim dweller. Sales period is from now until November 11th. More pix:

And now for another mermaid, the High Priestess!

This one looks a little bitey. Full view:

They are 76 cm including the heads, but very long and thin, the heads are almost msd sized...16.5 cm around. They take 14mm eyes. Whoever is painting them does a gorgeous job!