Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sasha Khudyakova

one of Khudyakova's dolls
If you do a Google search of "dolls", chances are you will run across Alexandra "Sasha"Khudyakova.
There is a nice article with somewhat rubbish scanned photos here. Snip from the text:

Gifted art doll master Sasha Khudyakova graduated from Moscow Stroganov State Art-Industrial University, in addition to being President of the Doll Artists Association, Sasha is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the International Artists Union of Russia (TSHR) (IFA), where she is Deputy Chairman of the Section of Art Dolls.

Sasha’s unique dolls are held in private collections in Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, USA and the Museum of Moscow History in Russia.

This photo above I grabbed off  Pinterest, because it was in focus--you can see Khudyakova working on this doll here:

Profile shot of that doll:

If you are on Pinterest, you can see a number of Khudyakova's dolls here.

If you are interested in buying one (!), she has a Facebook page here; (I suspect you have to be on a waiting list).

To quote one of the posters on the Facebook page:


  1. wait, life size? so cool!
    even cooler: artists unions!! XD
    thanks for sharing - the work is amazing.

    1. I'm not sure they are life-sized, just because of the lace motif on the doll's dress--pretty sure that one is about 3 inches tall. Alexandra is probably a petite lady and the camera angle may make the doll look bigger--but I am sure that they are at least large SD sized, like 70 cm because of the costume detail. Aren't they wonderful? I keep finding more on Pinterest.


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