A Pair of Doll Shoes

They are a bit wobbly, but they FIT that Mirodoll muscle body. I also found out that Iplehouse flats seem to fit that body as well, as long as they are for the older, larger EID girl. (New Iple dolls have slightly smaller feet). I started out with a pinterest pattern for shoes, and printed them out at the size I thought they should be:

However, I didn't take into account the fact that the dolls foot has angled toes, not triangular-shaped toes:

So I kind of pulled the pattern apart into three pieces that I thought I would have more control over:

You can see the sole with 1/4 inch seam allowance around the foot, the top with it's little trefoil sprout, and the heel-sides in the back, one flat and one sewed together. To get the stitching angle right, I taped the pieces around the heel and sewed through the tape, since pins wouldn't go through the pleather without distorting the pieces. The old purse donated the pleather, though I used it inside out for the velvety inside texture.

Originally I had a separate sole that I covered and padded, but it made the shoes too small when I put them in. (These shoes were a pain--there is a certain order you have to do things or you can't "reach" inside the parts to sew.) I had a leather needle but it was too large for the scale here, so I had to use a small, sharp needle. It's easy to stab yourself repeatedly because you have to keep your fingers right in there where you are sewing. Once I had one sewed together I discovered that the trefoil was offset a little, so I need to recut the toe pattern.

I went ahead and finished them anyway and slapped some trim on them, since they fit. You can almost see one finished one on Tesla here:

I actually took that pic to show the EID tops fit the Mirodoll Muscle body. :D The lace she is holding is what I put over the pleather of the toe to make the edges look more finished. Anything you want to "wrap" around shoe pieces needs to be really floppy, or it won't turn around those tiny edges. Even polyester lining was too stiff--only the soft lace and real silk seem to work.

I'm going to make another pair tonight. These will be much better.