HID Woman Elle

Iplehouse has a new HID sized woman and she looks a bit like an older, tougher Wendy. I kind of wish they has shown her with a black wig and darker brows, because I can see her as a Korean action star--here is her default outfit:

Pretty cool, huh? I have those shoes :D One thing about Iplehouse pleather--keep it cool and not too dry or it will crack after a few years; the early Luna catsuits and some of the other stretchy items are starting to wear out a bit. The pleather is a necessary compromise to get something that both looks like leather but is thin enough to stitch at a small scale and get it to hang correctly--only glove leather would come close, and it's fragile in it's own way; it tend to tear and stain. But pleather does wear out with use.

The HID body is nice--it's a bit slimmer than the EID and at 65 cm is a good height. There is a full body review here if you want to take a look,; you need to be logged in. It still has funky ankles but IMO this is a nice body if you want to pair it with an EID man, since it is taller than the female EID.
Here is a comparison of the HID and EID females:

Sadly, I don't have one to mess with, so I can't tell you about posing-- or if the hips still click like crazy when you want to get them to sit. I assume the HID sits and stands well, since all Iple dolls seem to be good at that. 

Anyway, Elle is limited so you need to get her within her order period or pay more from Doll Choice later! Here is the blank sculpt: