Thursday, October 19, 2017

Books and Swinte

Zelda sent me these! She was clearing out some bookshelves and send these wonderful books to me; I was so happy to receive them! There is one more about using wool roving to make doll hair, and that one is with the wool roving. I'm hoping to make her some shoes as a thank you, but I need to get the pattern right--I thought I had one done for Loongsoul girls yesterday but I somehow messed up the toe section. I wanted to put the pattern up yesterday, but my goof meant no post, as I did nothing else yesterday unless you count laundry and dishes :p

Today I got a head in the mail! Arekushia and I did a trade, she got a NS Soom body for her Topaz and I got a Souldoll Swinte head! AND the LMOD Beryl clothing set I have looked for these last few years! I was too slow in ordering Swinte before so now I am so pleased to have her cute little head in hand. And yes, it is a little head, another 7/8 more-or-less head. And she fits fine on the headless Souldoll body I have. Arekushia is a peach :D

She will look better with eyes and hair ;)

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