Casual Flats and an EID Head on a Mirodoll Muscle Body

Chalyss wanted to see an EID head on the Mirodoll Muscle Body, and the Rebecca head is a little large. Rebecca is one of the largest heads Iplehouse has made, Carina is a little larger, but most of the other heads are a bit smaller and should work on the Miro body. The shoulders are wide enough to look proportional, especially for heads like Grace and Asa, which are fairly small. The neck does gap, but a sculpey filler, or even a styrofoam one, would fix that. I still need to take out the knots and restring this body to have the knots inside the torso. Here is the view under the neck:

Now here is what I did all weekend--make tiny shoes. The first 3 shoes I made were a fail, so I threw them in a pile and started over. (Apprenticeship is hard). This morning I took the feet off the Loongsoul girl I am trying to make shoes for and started over:

This pattern is just a toe piece and a sole and an elastic strap. How hard can that be? Hah.

 I cut two toes, right and left of the fashion fabric, and two of white flannel lining. I was hoping the flannel would grip the foot a little to keep the shoe in place. The sole is the same floral, and then there is an "undersole" that will be glued to a leather base.

Apparently you have to gather the toe a little to get it to fit over the dolls toes. :p This means you gather 4 pieces, two of the floral, two of the lining.

Another test fit. Looks better.

I'm ready to put the undersole face down over the basted toe and the decorative sole. So I would not catch the toe in the machine, I put a little stitch (a tailors tack) in the center to keep it out of the way. Then I made a sandwich:

Only the red pattern pieces have worked so far :( Now that my sandwich is together, I needed to mark where the machine will sew, because it's hard to see with the metal presser foot I have. I think I have a clear acrylic foot around somewhere-- and it would help a lot. With something this small, you can't make mistakes because they show..a lot.

When I sewed it, I left a gap along one straight edge so I could turn it all right side out when I was done sewing that outside seam.

Half turned, at the point where you think you will never get it turned right side out.

All turned and the hole whipstitched shut. At this point I realized I should have put in the elastic or ties when I did the toe lining, by pinning the elastic into the seam allowance. Also that instead of leaving the side seam open, I should have just made a slit in the center of the "undersole", where the line is below:

..because this part gets glued to the leather base and won't show, and it would make all the seams that show neat and clean. Also it would be easier to turn.

Here they are with the leather bases drying--I used "glove and boot glue" which looks and smells a lot like old-style contact cement. It takes 24 hours to dry but that is fine, since no one will be walking around in them :D

Shoes are a real pain in the ass to make; but at the same time I adore tiny shoes enough to keep at it. And this pair looks a lot better than Saturday's shoes!