Hannah And Her Sisters

Impldoll Shaun has been hard at work making some crazy great fantasy heads--this is Hannah, who you can buy as a rolling head for 120.00 ....but wait there is more :D Another version:

Here is the fabulous back of the head--you have to look hard to see the headcap in all those petals:


Hannah in Special Red. The fullset clothes are available too; I think you have to get a Star or Idol body to get those, but I am not sure. I will give you the link to Alice's Collections, as I think the Impldoll site is sometimes glitchy:
Impldoll Hannah

Here's how to get the head alone (From the Impldoll Facebook)
we released our new doll Hannah.She has three special makeup effects.we offer free make up event for her(period time October 23th- October 30th).
In order to thank you for your support:)we sell these 3 sample heads in the photo.pink skin head/ real skin head / red skin head.
Each head only costs $120, including shipping charges. If you're interested, please send email to:impldoll@aliyun.com