Thursday, October 12, 2017

Phoenix Dolls Android Mei

Phoenix Dolls Android Mei

About a week ago I did a post on Phoenix Dolls , and saw that there were still Android Mei heads available for sale! ooooo! So I ordered one and BOOM she arrived last Tuesday in a nice registered mail box via the Royal Mail. We joke that it is the Royal Snail, but honestly they are like lightning for small items like heads and clothes. Pretty box:

So elegant! And yes, a certificate!

Magnets were pre-installed--I just wish that the company name was embossed in the headcap (for one thing, it keeps headcaps straight when you have a line of heads that you are messing with), but I took a pencil and noted the company name, the mold name and the number on the inside of the cap.

For the moment Android Mei is sitting on an old Iplehouse Harin body from around 2010 or so. This was before they resculpted the YID body and the old body has the conventional straight neck. It's a pretty body, but not very posable, so I am waiting for yet another Mirodoll Muscle body to be cast for her. :D To give you an idea of scale, I put her with two other slightly larger girls:

Soom Migma on a Miro body, Android Mei, Granado Fayette on a Nuevo Body

You can see that Mei's head is a bit smaller--she is about the same as an Iplehouse head, a straight size 8 for wigs. Her head is larger than a Souldoll head (they are around a 7-8 for wigs).

Here you can see the fit is very good on the old Harin neck.

Here is Mei on the Mirodoll Muscle body--it makes her look tough and alert, the small bust suits her delicate face, too. Here is the neck fit--it's not perfect, but her head is centered and has good movement:

Here Mei is on a Granado Maiden. This is a fantastic body for posing; her feet are a bit odd and the support structures in the body shadow through the resin, but overall this is a great body for small heads. The jointed hands are by Resinsoul. Profile shot:

As you can see, the neck looks fine here.

Here she is on a old Souldoll body; the new bodies are much closer in color to Mei's head--this one is at least 7 years old and has been outside a lot, so it's not white. It's still a pleasant body to work with. The neck fit is odd, though--Mei's head sits a bit forward on the neck:

(the ribbon is just my puller attached to the body strings)
Now this is the Ultimate Android Mei Body:

It's a Soom Cyborg body and stylewise it is perfect (if it was white it would match Mei perfectly--Soom's current white has the same pinky cast to it that Mei does.) But good luck finding this body! I keep hoping Soom will do another Free Choice so we can grab more of these, because this body is the ultimate for grace, balance and posing. Luckily for Garnet, the proper owner, the NS does not match Mei or she would keep it.:D Neck is perfect too:

Now there is this odd one, a Resinsoul Lian body. It's a surprisingly sturdy stander and a fairly nice poser--it's very tall and slim so it's good for android and fairy characters:

At 65 cm, she is tall and elegant:

The only fail I tried was in putting Mei's head on the New Iplehouse Young Doll (this is a Bliss body):

LOL Nope! More nope:

So now it's just waiting for a Mirodoll body in the right color. Mei is so cute, I can't wait to paint her!

And now with some paint! (I am not a pro, but she was fun to paint)

Those are also Oscar doll eyes, just in 12mm instead of 16mm. Now just waiting for her body--at least I can sew for her in the meantime!

Extra: Phoenix Doll sent me the Photoshop mockup of her "official" makeup, and I love it--I am not repainting mine (yet) but there may be official photos of Actual Mei painted put on the Phoenix Doll website. Here is the mockup:


  1. Ooh congrats on the new head! She looks great!! Thanks for showing all the bodies too! Will have to look out for the old souldoll and break my no-more-new-doll promise if soom does the free choice. XD Anyway, your girls look so cute together! Also, while I have your attn ^^, this is too cool: Ilustracional/videos/ 1438441862939347/

    1. I saw that! Sculpting Tiny Freddy Mercury from the inside out!Someone is just a total fan there!
      Thanks for the congrats! I'm telling myself that I am getting another body just because I have a head now and I got the head because it was all finished and lonely at Phoenix Dolls! And now of course I will keep checking their site..and the cycle will repeat. :D

  2. Wow she's looking great, love those eyes! She looks like she has a wide selection of bodies to choose from. Really looking forward to seeing her progress over the next few months, I'll be bookmarking your site :)

    1. Thanks so much! I try to put something up every day but Sunday, and mostly it's dolls :D

  3. right? fan with skills - they made it look so easy.
    on skills - those sharp blue lines! she looks so cool painted!! :D

    1. Thank you--she looks almost real with paint, I keep going back to look at person Mei as well. SO tempting :D

  4. she looks almost creepy real. person Mei would be awesome!! ;)


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