Angel Toast

"Angel Toast" is an artist and bjd sculptor, and she has a Flickr; which is fun to look at if you a) want to see what her own dolls look like (Lunnula Moonbeams up there is hers) and b) want to see fantasy hair colors on her personally. I am intrigued by the pale lavender she had a while back. ;) Her faceups are as good or better than the various factory makeups, and she is very professional about communicating, invoicing, and returning the finished head/item. I commissioned her for something years ago--I don't remember exactly which doll it was, but I remember it was a pleasant and painless experience. It also makes a difficult doll easier to sell if it has an Angel Toast faceup--for one thing, she can usually coax a happy/pleasant expression out of even a pretty grumpy sculpt.

Here is her website for commissions--the link goes to the commission rules page, and then you can jump to wherever else you want (like the Gallery). I have a head I am debating sending her but I am trying to improve my own skills, so I should give it a try myself first. (For ten dollars she removes old faceups.) She does both male and female sculpts equally well, though I think the really stunning dolls are when the client asks for dark eyebrows, dark eye makeup and sort of neutral/pink lips--she's really comfortable with that color combination.

This is a Fantasia doll Vivian--I think! So pretty! The Fantasia Doll company apparently has vanished with the sculptor having health problems, which is sad--they are lovely dolls:

And here is a fantasy makeup for a Twigling Ingenue:

(Which reminds me I should find some cotton gloves so I won't get finger oil on the dolls I am trying to paint and spray.)