Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tiny Shoes and A Snake

These are for Cat's birthday, like Sicktress, she is not judgemental and she has a new doll named Violet that probably could use some shoes. These are flats, which are hard to find in the dolly world unless you want small sneakers or vans. They are still pattered off of that Irish pattern from Pinterest. They are made of felt, and I used Daisy's feet for a fit model. ( She has a new 2012 Super Gem body with the smaller feet). I am getting a better idea of what order to do things and maybe how to get the shoes to fit better, so the next ones should be better fitting. I think I will do simple slippers without the tongue though, and then do a pair of Mary Jane style flats and make the tongue a simple looped strap and then put a narrow bit of elastic through it and to each side of the shoe.
Anyway, here is the ugly in process photo:

I think the scale of the sequins is too large, but I found some much smaller ones at Michaels that are the right scale--they are called "sequin glitter":

And here I marked on the soles which is which because it makes me nuts trying to figure out some of the dolls shoes I have here. L and R for left and right.

Since the felt is a little slippery, I might use fabric paint to make them grip a little more, or leave that up to Cat.

It was nice today, and I went out to do some yardwork and I found a little snek:

I'm glad it survived the rain--it slithered away into a crack in the shed, so I hope it's comfortable there.


  1. I love your shoes. The snake - not so much. ;)

    1. I have gotten so used to the ribbon snakes--the cat brings them in and at first I was o.o but now I just put on a glove and carry them back out to the woodpile. They eat baby mice so I like that :D


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