Sunday, October 29, 2017

Doll Meet Photos

I had so much fun, the time just flew. The dolls were fabulous and I don't think I even saw all of them :D And since it was Halloween, people came dressed up! Check out Black Cat Nya's costume that she sewed!

So perfect!! More pix of dolls"

A really cute Dollfie Dream in costume--I never think to give my dolls costumes at Halloween, though I did sort of attempt with a random Halloween hat this time.

That is a Fairyland Scarlett with a artist faceup and a gorgeous custom dress, photos do not show all the tiny detail or how beautiful she is with this faceup--I liked Scarlett, but I never though she was beautiful until now!

Make and take crafts! The mask bases are just thin craft foam, and then if you put lace over that and glue it, and add feathers and bling, the end result looks wonderful! Plus the masks are super light and won't damage faceups.

A Lillycat Cerise..I love that dress!

Tying an obi is amazingly hard--it's like doing origami with 12 feet of very stiff brocade.

But persistence pays off, and the two "cats" are ready for their closeup.

A Resinsoul girl in "coffee" resin with jointed hands--the hands are great for any smaller doll but of course they fit the Resinsoul dolls perfectly. I love their head sculpts too.

A Luts Model girl body and a Fairyland head? I should know this, I have her old body :o The sleepy guy next to her is a Withdoll boy. He's another really well made msd sized doll.

A beautifully dressed Minifee Risse!

Starpunzel dropped an LED candle into this little pot with some fluff and got the most perfect boiling magic kettle effect!

Here's one of her cuties, another Resinsoul girl.

Just a cute Volks girl--I loved her dress too!

There was shopping too--I was good and just bought a wig, some eyes and some hangers--though there was this tiny suit of armor there. I thought the best part was the animated LED sign advertising The Night Market, Brignasa's Etsy shop.

And here is Akutenshi's Soom Monzo,who is getting better and better as time goes on and she sews and collects more things for him!

I am looking forward to May. Mostly today I put things away and colored my hair blue:

This is the wash-out kind and I think I will go and have the tips of my hair done professionally this color, I love it so much. I wish this was it's natural color--and that I had done my whole head in blue with the temporary color!


  1. I really like the Japanese outfit with the cat mask. Also your hair - although not purple enough. ;)

    1. Those giant girls were so cool! The owner said those were vintage children's kimonos, that they would wear to festivals.
      I think the box was just wrong, since the label does say "Indigo". And yes, there needs to be more :D


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