Hitch Ball Cover

So I was walking around the marine department at Bass Pro shops, as you do, and I spotted a tiny, bjd head-sized deer head. It's actually a Hitch Ball Cover, the little plastic or rubber part that people put over the hitch ball on the back of their pickup truck, when it's not in use, so it doesn't get dirty and rusty and make it harder to pop your boat trailer or whatever on there when summer comes around.

The hitch cover was all of seven dollars, and made of soft rubbery plastic, just like a mask. It's one of a series, there are Rubbery Bass you can stick on there too. Here is what it looks like underneath:

I'm going to stitch it to a collar of a sort of vest so it will stay put on a doll body--the head won't turn, but it will still be mad fun. Look at the nice detail on the head!


  1. Love it when one finds items like this. Great find fish.

    1. Isn't that a riot? Bass Pro is always a good time :D


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