Beryl Hooves, Mostly done; Plumbing too

More progress painting the Beryl hooves; I still have to decide if I want to put gloss or matte varnish on the shins--it's been too cold here to spray so I have been glossing with Liquitex acrylic paint-on varnish, which is fine for fantasy parts. (since my brushstrokes show, I wouldn't put it on faces or human parts). In the rotting farmhouse I rented last year, there was a downstairs tiled shower with a fan that went directly outside, and it made an awesome spray booth once I lined it with cardboard. There are parts of that house I miss. :D

On the other hand, the plumbing is in better shape in this house, partly because we don't have to get permission to fix things.

Today J put in a gas trap on the washing machine drain line, because he thought the basement/mouse/gas smell was from the second sump pit, where the washing machine drains into. In the old rental house, the washing machine drained directly onto the front lawn. In this house, the water goes into a nasty pit (nearly identical to the one I bailed out, but with a metal lid) and then gets pumped out to the septic tank. It turns out that the pit that I bailed out drains onto the front lawn, so I guess tradition is maintained. Rumor has it that if I pay 5000 to the right city office, they will dig a trench and hook me up with the sewer that is (purportedly) in the street. This may look like a good deal someday.